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Invisible Technologies

Do not touch – swipe only.

Control and drive as if by magic

Synclify makes light and drive control invisible and easy – without disturbing your product design. Together with us you upgrade your product as if by magic.

Berührungslose Steuerung
The drive and light control is contactless – via gesture control
Jede nichtmetallische Oberfläche ist geeignet
The Synclify technology makes all surfaces / materials electronically conductive.
Ohne sichtbare Bedienflächen
Switches and controls for light and drives are invisible, “disappear” in the product.

Synclify technology

High-quality control and drive technology, which gives your products added value without disturbing the design.

Application areas

The Synclify technology is already used in practice. Examples from the industry can be found for lighting control and height adjustment.

Application lighting control

Light control by gesture – without visible buttons.

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Anwendung Lichtsteuerung

Application height adjustment

Adjust the height by hand gesture – without annoying fingerprints.

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Anwendung Höhenverstellung

Who is behind Synclify?

Synclify is a start-up with history. Creative electronics scientists with many years of expertise: For pioneering control technologies.
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