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Control as if by magic

Synclify technology sets a completely new standard for controlling “motion”. It’s not just smart and simple to use. No, it is also almost invisible – without disturbing your product design. With the unique technology, all surfaces / materials become electronically conductive. Switches and regulators for light and drives are transparent and “disappear” in the product. Magically upgrade your product.

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Anwendung Höhenverstellung

What is the Synclify technology based on?

By pooling the expertise in science and electrical engineering, we have succeeded in developing a new technology that is already revolutionizing the control of “movement”.

Is synclify already used?

The following elements enable the technology to function: evaluation electronics and signal processing. With electronics, all non-conductive passive surfaces can be turned into active sensors.

The technology is in practical use for the light and drive control of selected customers. Even outdoors.


Any non-conductive plate material (wood, plastic, glass, mineral etc.) is suitable. The control surface can optionally be hidden underneath. The penetration is already approx. 100 mm for a sensor base area from 150×150 mm. It depends on the density. Used in the bathroom and spa, it can be installed behind tiles.