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Application areas

Synclify technology in action

Light and drive control with the Synclify effect

Synclify not only works in theory: the light and drive control is already in practical use. So it can be used.

Anwendung Lichtsteuerung

Lighting control

Light control as if by magic. Without a switch and without visible buttons. Simply by gesture control.

Drive control

Height adjustment easily via gesture control. Without switches and visible buttons – invisible, hidden in the surface.

Examples of height adjustment in the kitchen

Height adjustment plays an increasingly important role in kitchen planning. A few ways that could greatly simplify the kitchen routine:

Multifunctional tables

Multifunctional and practical: The side table transforms from the worktop to the dining table. Adjusted with a simple gesture.

Height-adjustable work surface

Ergonomic work in the kitchen. The work surface is adjusted by gesture control to the correct height.

Invisible extractor hood

The cooker hood disappears with a gesture directly in the worktop.

Hidden functionality

A complete shelf can be retracted and extended as needed.

Ohne sichtbare Bedienflächen

Live demonstration – in motion

You can find more live videos on our Youtube Channel!

How does this work?

With our Synclify technology not only does everything work with gesture control, but the buttons “disappear”, are invisible and do not disturb the overall design. Read more about the technology behind it.